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Exclusive Services

A handmade gift will always be considered more thoughtful and special because it requires time, effort, and creativity to create. Imagine! After your perfectly curated wedding day, your guests leave in awe. But what do they have to remember your most beautiful day with? A cheap beer bottle opener? Plastic sunglasses with your name on the side? A beer cozy with the year that will be thrown out in a few months after it tares? Is that the last impression you want your magical day to be linked to? Never again!


When someone takes the time to make a gift by hand, it shows that they have put their heart and soul into the creation process, making the gift more meaningful and personalized. Your friends, family and guests will leave with a handcrafted candle that is not only personalized with your wedding theme and favorite colors, but also your favorite signature scent.

Scent is one of the most powerful holders of memory. When your personalized candle will be lit, your perfect day will come flooding back both to you and your guests, unlocking your most wonderful day. Don't let your guests favors be thrown in the trash, discarded. Instead, let your guests relive the memories of your most cherished day with your friends and loved ones by your side.

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